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TDS - True Dispatch Services

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Why you should choose us? Our company offers affordable and high-quality dispatching services. Our team is searching loads for long and short miles. We can find load for a big amount of trucks because we work in team. Regarding to your needs we adapt to them to make our cooperation more qualified and productable. We keep in touch with drivers to save your time. When searching loads we are trying to find a rate not less than $2.0 What we want to provide you ? Full service program witch includes: -No more paper routine and spinning around with searching for a better load. -Successful negotiation for getting top rates from brokers. -No more empty mieles. -Top lanes. -Excellent weekly average. - Only you can choose what a load you want to take and direction to go. -You will know exactly what to expect every week. - Issuing invoices, rate confirmations, bill of ladings handling - Initial setup with brokers - We are very flexibility by the charge for our service. All depends to your needs - our Personal Dispatcher team will work hard to keep your profit high ranked. Let us make money for you! We believe in old style tradition with new style technology