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Do you doubt that humans evolved from apes? Do you believe mainstream ...
Do you doubt that humans evolved from apes? Do you believe mainstream science is concealing secrets from us? That in ancient times there existed civilizations more powerful than today’s? That Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens, and that the statues of Easter Island were put in place by means of psychokinesis? That paleontologists fake fossil bones, that AIDS doesn’t exist, and that Americans never landed on the Moon?

Then you will take a keen interest in our project.

Or are you sick and tired of pseudoscience, and deceitful claims propagated on TV and online? Then you, too, should take an interest in our project. The aim of “Scientists Against Myths” is to popularize scientific understanding of human evolution, history, and other topics, and to fight against pseudoscience and common misconceptions. Participants in our project include distinguished scientists—anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, geneticists—as well as historians.

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– Computer-generated imagery: our artists, in collaboration with scientists, have reconstructed the appearance and behaviors of distant human ancestors.
– The video series “Myths of Human Evolution,” in which I, Aleksandr Sokolov, dispel common misconceptions about our human origins.
– Lectures by distinguished scientists at the Scientists Against Myths Forum. Up to a thousand guests gather at this regular event, held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where we bust popular myths and misconceptions.

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Text: Alexander Sokolov, Georgii Sokolov
Translation: Dmitrij Kazak
Animation: Timur Nizov
Shooting and editing: Vitaly Krauss (ScienceVideoLab)
Design: Irina Galenkova
Music: Konstantin Ustinovich
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